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CHYK West Activities
Chinmaya Mission® Center Krishnalaya
Country United States
Event Type Ongoing
Start Date Nov. 28, 2012
End Date Nov. 1, 2013
Event Name CHYK West Activities
Acharya Swami Sarveshananda
E-mail chykwest [a|t] chinmayamission [d|o|t] org
Phone .
Web Site http://www.chykwest.com
CHYK West is Chinmaya Mission's youth wing for students in grades 11-12 and young adults of age 18-28 years. CHYK West offers Vedantic classes, camps, retreats, and workshops for dynamic spiritual growth.

CHYK West functions under the CMW umbrella and is administered by National Director Swami Sarveshananda (CM Dallas) and Deputy Director Acharya Vivek Gupta (CM Niagara). Its core group of CHYK organizers comprise the Steering Committee, which helps establish and organize local, regional, and national CHYK activities, and guide CHYK West chapters to function in accordance with set policies and procedures.

Visit the listed website to join or learn more about CHYK, and its regular activities and upcoming events.

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